Welcome to the Burch’s Karate Virtual Dojo!

Read below for important information on how to access your Virtual Dojo Classes, the Virtual Dojo Class Schedule, and more!


**You must have a FREE account on our website to enter the Virtual Dojo. Go to http://burchskarate.com/ click on Members Only. When a smaller screen appears click Register, then enter the Students Name in the box & the email you will use for the account. Finally create a password and click register at bottom of page. We will approve you for the content available for you. This can take several hours so please do this immediately!**


How do I access the Virtual Training Classes?

1. Click this link to access Child or Teen/Adult. Then click on the appropriate day and Rank/Program: http://members.burchskarate.com/

2. If it is your first time accessing the link from your device, download the zoom app to your device.

3. Upon entering the Virtual Class Room, enter the name of the student that is participating in class so we can properly track attendance.

4. Now have a blast and get a great workout in with your instructor.


What time are my classes?
Access the full Virtual Training Class Schedule in this link: http://members.burchskarate.com/uploads/1/1/3/6/113647991/virtual_dojo_schedule.pdf

What class am I in?
Monday & Tuesday are Curriculum Days. White, Yellow & Green Belts are Beginner. Blue Belt & up are advanced. Teen/Adult are all together.


Wednesday & Thursday are Program Days. Basic Program, Black Belt Club or Masters Club.

Teen/Adults are all together everyday except for Wednesday. That is reserved for Teen/Adult Black Belt Club only.

Beginner - White, Yellow, Green (Kids)

Intermediate/Advanced – Blue Belt & Up (Kids)

Teen/Adult – All Ranks


Will the classes be recorded?
Yes! All of the classes will be recorded and uploaded the following morning onto the Virtual Dojo Page in the Members Only Section of our website.


What should I wear for virtual classes?
Wear your Karate Uniform! This can be your full Gi or your Burch’s Karate Shirt, Gi Pants and Belt.

Why is this important? Because, when you put on your uniform and tie that belt around your waist, it puts you in a different mindset. We call this the "Martial Arts Mindset". This will also help to make it a more unique experience for your students. Your instructors will be leading by example and rocking their uniform and belt as well.


How do I continue to progress towards my next belt when training online?
Each virtual class that you participate in will count towards your class attendance. Our instructors will take attendance during each class to ensure you are still moving towards your next belt.

You are still eligible to earn stripes when attending Virtual Training Classes. Instructors will keep note of your stripes earned and will present you with them when classes resume at the school.


Any PRO TIPS to help me or my child succeed with online training?
Yes! Look at the schedule as a family and pick the class times that are your "NO MATTER WHAT" class times. These are the times that you are going to commit to NO MATTER WHAT.

Structure is essential for reaching your goals, without it, it will become easy to find excuses. This also will help kids to ensure that they know when they need to get into their martial arts mindset.


Mr. Burch, Sensei Matt and others will be in your living room doing Karate with you!! Remember things happen in life and we must be able to adapt and adjust. Let’s make this a time to thrive not just survive :-)

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